Lilly Cryan

Dancer. Choreographer. Yoga Instuctor

Artistic statement


The beautiful yet overlooked elements of our world inspire me to create. I seek to give voice to the minute details of the world, the elements of nature we see so often we forget they exist, the things unseen. I refuse to believe the world is an ugly place to live in. I use my work as a means of opening my audience’s eye to the beauty that exists all around them. Organic, yoga inspired movement that flows from one image into the next drives my work. Much like the world itself my choreography constantly shifts, changes, and cycles.


I dance to connect with my body and feel alive. Dance gives me the opportunity to participate in the world in an organic, physical way and to feel human. I enjoy movement of all kinds; in addition to dance, I am fascinated with yoga. Yoga has infiltrated every area of my life especially my dancing. I often incorporate yoga-inspired movement into my work.


My goal is to merge the boundaries of dance and yoga. I share with the world the ways in which both dance and yoga balance the mind body and spirit, and increase creativity. I live in the intersection between the two worlds dance and yoga.


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